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The Facts Around Iron Anaemia – Very Tiring Trends

5th Jul, 2017  |  Claire O'Brien  |  Balanced Diet

Running on Empty?

Women of childbearing age need twice as much daily iron as men. Women may benefit from an iron supplement when they cannot fulfil their iron needs through diet alone.

Public Health Nutritionist Dr Emma Derbyshire says: “Women are tired — not only because they are working hard or heading up families, but also because they are running on empty when it comes to iron status”.

Iron is essential for normal body function and to make haemoglobin.

Should you worry about iron intake?

The implications are alarming as iron is the building block for haemoglobin, the oxygen transporter within our red blood cells, or erythrocytes. When intakes are impaired, we make fewer red blood cells and these red blood cells also contain less haemoglobin — which means they can’t carry as much oxygen around the body. A recent survey of 1138 women found that nine out of ten experienced tiredness. Dr Derbyshire says: “Women are currently battling on despite feeling tired and fatigued.  For some women, their iron status is so poor that supplementation is the only real way forward.”

What can you do?

See your Health Care Professional and they can advise you best. Looking at your diet Is also important and ensuring that you consume iron rich foods is a good start too. If you are low in iron, taking an iron supplement may be recommended. While an iron rich diet is recommended not everyone, for one reason or another, will absorb as much iron from their food intake as they need.

In addition to a healthy balanced diet, supplementation provides a simple solution for many people, but up to now it often comes at the expense of side effects. Three-quarters of women taking traditional iron supplements, will experience unpleasant gastrointestinal side effects including abdominal pain, nausea, constipation or diarrhoea and heartburn and because oral iron supplements are often poorly absorbed.

A new alternative – Tough on Tiredness, but kind on you

Active iron works in tune with your body targeting the natural site of absorption, delivering just the right amount of iron when you need it, without any of the nasty side effects. Kind and strong, Active Iron is gentle enough to take on an empty stomach and gives you strong absorption when you need it.


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