5 tips if you’re afraid to give blood

Giving blood is nothing to be afraid of. You’re in the hands of trained professionals who have done this thousands (if not millions) of times. If you really want to donate, but you’re shaking just thinking about it (ugh needles!), consider these top ten tips.

1. Bring a pal

Bring a friend with you – the more the merrier. It’s great to have a hand to squeeze or someone to chat to for a distraction. If you can convince them to donate blood too – it’s a bonus! Why not make a new tradition with you best pal and give blood together?

2. Breathe

Practice slow and steady breathing before you go to give blood, and while you’re in the hot-seat too. Breathing slowly will calm your nerves help you relax. See? Easy as breathing in and out!

3. Eat well and hydrate

Make sure you eat well and hydrate properly before and after giving blood. This will help make sure you don’t feel like fainting. It’s important to eat a healthy and balanced diet, if you are finding that you can’t fulfil your needs through diet alone you can try supplementing. Iron is important for the formation of haemoglobin and Red Blood Cells and for the transport of oxygen in the body. .

4. Wear comfortable clothes

Wear sleeves that are easy pushed up so there’s no additional pressure on your arm (or anywhere else!)

5. Share it!

Share you experience with family, on the group-chat, or on social media to distract yourself. You’ll be especially happy that you did if it encourages someone else to donate.