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How to keep your New Year’s resolutions

3rd Jan, 2018  |  Claire O'Brien  |  Balanced Diet, Lifestyle

More exercise and less Netflix? Changing your diet? We can all imagine the typical resolutions that have been made over the last few days.

Unfortunately, these resolutions are often broken, but let’s look at what it takes for a successful resolution.

Be realistic

If you’ve made a resolution to run more in the mornings, but you’ve got a million other things to be doing at that time, it’s probably not going to stick. Try to think of a goal that is achievable, taking your other commitments into consideration. Be specific, going for a run at 6.30am every Tuesday morning is a resolution you’re likely to keep, rather than ‘run more’. Smaller, achievable goals will be more satisfying for you in the long run as you’re more likely to stick to them (and not to the couch!).

Grab a mate

It is widely known that social factors are a big player in making and keeping commitments. You are more likely to succeed if you commit to attending a class with your friend rather than alone. It can be a huge motivator to work together and help each other stick to your goals. It’s also a great excuse to spend more time with your nearest and dearest.

Go public

Failing to keep your resolution in public? Oh no! The fear of what people may think of you could be a handy motivator. This might be a good way of keeping a resolution such as giving up smoking.

Have a long term plan

The most satisfying resolutions are often just one part of an overall plan. This type of resolution can also be more successful, rather than goals that are vague and aspirational. Planning is essential to keep resolutions. If you’re saving money, plan your saving goals and work out what your triggers are. If you want to spend less, meet your friend for a walk and not at the shops. You cannot rely on willpower alone.

Remember, it’s a journey! Not an overnight fix.

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