Importance of topping up your vitamin B

We all know that during the cold winter months, it’s almost impossible to roll out of bed in the morning and feel energetic. When it’s still dark outside when your alarm goes off, and it’s already dark by the time you get home after work, you may find yourself feeling a bit out-of-sorts.

During autumn and winter, most people find that their sleep cycle is disrupted. The lack of sunlight during these shorter days means your brain produces more of the hormone melatonin. As melatonin makes you feel sleepy, it’s tempting to go into hibernation mode. However, this sluggishness doesn’t mean you should automatically have a lie-in; in fact, if you keep hitting that ‘snooze’ button every morning to try and catch some extra shut-eye, chances are you’ll feel even more tired during the day.

Before you jump into bed at 6pm, consider the role Vitamin B plays in keeping our bodies running like well-oiled machines during these darker days. B-Complex vitamins helps contribute to the regulation of hormonal balance, support heart health, improve memory, increase energy and stimulate the immune system.

However, and natural sources of vitamin B12 are only found in animal proteins such as meat, poultry, eggs and dairy, which makes it a difficult vitamin to ingest for vegetarians and vegans. Stomach acid is also needed to absorb Vitamin B12 from food, and many people do not produce enough acid to break the food down in order to obtain this essential nutrient.

New Active B Complex+ for Women contains Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12. These are the building blocks for ensuring normal energy-yielding metabolism and immune function in the body, while Vitamin B5 in particular helps you blow away the winter cobwebs and strengthen your mental performance. By pairing a multivitamin with a healthy lifestyle you’ll find that vitamin C & D helps boost your immune system; instead, you can look forward to putting away your flip-flops and digging out your favourite coat, knowing you’ll be able to take on what winter throws at you.