Re-energise your daily life with Active Iron

Feel like you’re struggling with low energy levels, and that this tiredness is affecting your day-to-day life? Then you may need more iron in your diet. Iron is an essential building block for your body; you need iron to help ensure proper immune function, help reduce tiredness and fatigue, and help support normal energy metabolism as well as assist cognitive function. Getting the right amount of iron can improve your mental and in daily life, although meeting your iron requirement intake is not always easy.

In fact, women need twice as much iron than men on average, especially those of childbearing age. Find it hard to feel energetic when it’s that time of the month? This is because menstruation is the most common cause of iron loss worldwide, with women – on average – losing around 220 to 250 milligrams of iron per pint of blood during each menstrual cycle. Many women report feeling sluggish or lethargic on the days they have their period, which can negatively impact their productivity and mood, whether that’s at work or in their personal lives. While it’s tempting to veg on the couch with chocolate and Netflix when you’re menstruating, consider how using an iron supplement to supplement your iron intake may help with your energy levels  .

Pregnancy also impacts the overall iron content in a woman’s body. As a woman’s blood volume increases when she’s expecting, dietary iron requirements can also rise to as much as 30mg per day. This is because the body uses iron to make hemoglobin to transport oxygen to other cells for both mother and baby;. It’s no surprise that when you’re carrying a little person inside of you, you may not be feeling as ‘get-up-and-go’ as usual, whether it’s just not feeling as mentally sharp (pregnancy brain, anyone?) or dealing with over-tiredness.

Pairing an iron supplement like Active Iron with a varied diet and healthy lifestyle may help boost your energy levels. Active Iron’s Kind and Strong formula is kind enough to take on an empty stomach, but with strong absorption when you need it. By targeting the natural site of absorption – the small intestine rather than the stomach or lower intestine – Active Iron doubles the amount of iron absorbed compared to Iron Sulfate. As there is less unabsorbed iron in the gut, this reduces the well-known gastric side-effects caused by other oral conventional iron supplements, so you don’t have to worry about cramps or stomach pains as well as lethargy.