Blood Donors

Iron helps with red blood cell production and haemoglobin formation, which are essential to life and wellbeing. The main adverse effect of blood donation is iron loss, so blood donors need to maintain a healthy balanced diet to maintain their Iron levels. Blood donors may benefit from taking an iron supplement if they are unable to replenish their iron stores through diet alone.

5 tips if you’re afraid to give blood

December 5, 2017

Giving blood is nothing to be afraid of. You’re in the hands of trained professionals who have done this thousands (if not millions) of times. If you really want to donate, but you’re shaking just thinking about it (ugh needles!), consider these top ten tips.
1. Bring a pal
Bring a friend with you – the more the merrier. It’s great to have a hand to squeeze or someone to chat…

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People who can benefit from taking iron supplements

August 30, 2017

Some populations can benefit from taking iron supplements. Those who have inadequate access to foods rich in absorbable iron are the most obvious groups. Children, adolescents, and women of reproductive age…

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How iron is absorbed in your body

August 28, 2017

Only a fraction of ingested iron is absorbed by the body. The amount may range from only 5% to 35% according to a journal in the National Center for Biotechnology Information. So, even if you’re consuming enough iron, chances are you’re not absorbing all of it. The amount of iron…

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