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Why Active Iron?

Active Iron is a high potency iron supplement, clinically proven to increase iron levels. Specifically formulated to help prevent constipation, Active Iron is kind even on an empty stomach.

  • Clinically Proven x 2 the Absorption of Ferrous Sulphate1
  • Non-Constipating Formula
  • Helps Your Energy Levels and Tackles Tiredness2
  • Helps Prevent Dietary Iron Deficiency2
  • Formulated by Scientists

Active Iron’s targeted delivery works with your body and helps reduce gut irritation from iron.1

Get 50% off a 30-pack of Active Iron with the code: MAILREADER 

Why Choose Active Iron?

The Science Of Active Iron

Active Iron’s ground breaking protein formula helps reduce irritation from iron, meaning it’s kind enough to take on an empty stomach. Active Iron targets your body’s normal ‘iron absorber’ called the DMT-1. This means that it is strong on absorption and in tune with your body’s needs.

Innovative Solution For Powerful Yet Gentle Iron Intake

Whilst ferrous sulfate is the current ‘gold-standard’ iron supplement, it is not without unfavourable side-effects. Specially formulated to help prevent constipation, Active Iron’s new iron capsules are designed to solve these problems. What makes Active Iron special is that the iron supplement is contained within a special protein microsphere made from denatured (inactivated) whey protein. The gut is protected from damage from iron while the iron is carried to the precise site it is needed and is best absorbed.

Breakthrough Iron Supplement Formulation

Active Iron High Potency contains 14mg iron per capsule - equivalent to 100% NRV . Users can be assured that they are achieving dietary targets and taking a form of iron that is well absorbed. Active Iron is gluten free and sugar free, and free from artificial preservatives. The iron pills are vegetarian, gluten free, lactose free, sugar free and free from artificial preservatives.

Clinically Proven x2 Absorption

Active Iron has been clinically proven to have better absorption of ferrous sulfate. The study demonstrated Active Iron was greater than x 2 better absorbed than ferrous sulfate. Results also showed that Active Iron led to the generation of significantly less damage in gut cells, helping explain the better tolerability of Active Iron. In addition, reduced side-effects were reported for Active Iron.

Read our study here

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