Ever get tired of doing the same old fitness workout? Or you are bored of what you are doing in the gym and finding it hard to see any results?

Thankfully, Instagram is a great place for fitness inspiration as it is full of workout videos and training tips.

But with such a huge array of options from pro and amateur athletes, adventure enthusiasts’ coaches and PT’s, it can be hard to know who to follow.

Luckily for you, we have taken the time to narrow it down a little bit for you. Over the past few weeks, we have scrolled endlessly through the various social media platforms and have narrowed it down to a list of Irish fitness experts that we think are worth a follow.

Whether you are into yoga, cycling, running, or strength training, the fitness experts on this list are a valuable source of workout advice and inspiration.

If you don’t already, then soon you will know the difference between a tuck jump and a burpee, a deadlift and a farmer’s walk and you will be on the way to a stronger body and a healthier lifestyle.

P.S, if you think we have left anyone out that should be on the list, feel free to message us and let us know!

50 Fitness Experts to Follow on social media:

Orla Walsh

Orla is an elite track cyclist. Her love of cycling began at the age of 26 when she started to cycle to and from work. She made up for lost time and has represented Ireland at international level winning several national championship medals. As you can guess she specialises in fitness training for cycling and regularly showcases her training, nutrition, and recovery on her Instagram. She also runs cycling camps on the beautiful island of Mallorca.


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Siobhan O Hagan

Siobhán is a personal trainer and online coach. She was destined for a career with numbers as she originally studied Mathematics in college, but she decided to swap the numbers for dumbbells and has not looked back since. Growing up she tried every type of fad diet and exercise plan to try and lose weight. She can relate to those who have tried the same mechanisms and now is passionate about helping others feel good both physically and mentally.

Paul Olima

Paul has over 18 years of experience in helping clients achieve their goals be it bulking, cutting or supercharging their fitness levels. He puts together tailor-made plans to help them reach their ultimate physique. He simplifies all plans which include meal plans and nutrition advice and effective workouts. Support is always there for his clients with access to an exclusive WhatsApp community and exclusive monthly check-ins ensuring you are on track.


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Sean Fitzpatrick

Sean hails from Limerick and is a qualified personal trainer who specialises in online training. At still just 22 years of age he has worked with numerous people to help them achieve their fitness goals. His most popular programme is the 6 weeks online fat loss coaching which consists of app-based training, nutrition and accountability, exercise demonstrations and in-app messaging along with a weekly zoom check in call.

Brian Keane

Brian is a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer, Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach and Sports Nutritionist. His online fitness programs have helped thousands of people every single year to help reach their fitness goals. He hosts a successful podcast which is one of the top health podcasts to listen to in Ireland and the UK. One of his main philosophies revolves around establishing a nutritional plan that works for the individual and showing that mindset around nutrition is more important than the actual diet plan itself.


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Derval O’Rourke

Derval was a professional track athlete for 12 years competing in sprint hurdles. She competed at three Olympic games and was crowned World Champion in 2006 in Moscow. After her heroics on the athletics track her love of food, fitness and focus lead her to start Derval.ie. She offers a whole host of fitness and nutrition options for all levels including live online workouts. She shares some great snippets of what to expect in her programmes over on her Instagram page.

Leanne Moore

Leanne is a gym owner and qualified trainer and the founder of LIFT by Leanne. LIFT by Leanne is an online subscription where people of all fitness levels can access live classes. Leanne’s main aim is a trainer is simply to help you feel good. She also makes sure you have fun along the way when trying to achieve your fitness goals. Her Saturday “Sesh” classes are worth checking out if you want to start your weekend the right way.

Blessing Awodibu

Blessing is a professional bodybuilder often referred to as ‘a force of nature’ such is his huge and aesthetic physique. He was underweight when he was younger which made him begin going to the gym to gain strength and size. He certainly achieved his goals as he has won 2 Arnold Classic Titles and 4 IFBB Overall Champion Titles. For someone looking to get into bodybuilding, he is most certainly one to follow for inspiration.

Tracey Collopy

Tracey is an online coach who specialises in female fat loss and body composition. Her aim is to make it as easy and as enjoyable as possible for clients to reach their goals. She takes a non-restrictive diet approach with her clients along with giving them the tools for long term success. She posts several workouts on her Instagram each week to enjoy which include full-body burn workouts and glutes and core workouts.


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Orla Hopkins

Orla is a fitness contributor to RTE today and co-founder of New Dimensions Active with her brother Jeff. She is also a former Irish international gymnast, fitness competitor and runs a successful dance school. Her Instagram is full of fun workouts to follow especially for all the family to join in. Check out her Instagram on Friday’s where she does a free live Instagram workout. Be prepared to feel the burn!


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Colman Power

Colman Power is an Organic Grower as well as a personal trainer who believes that food is the first thing that should be looked at if you want to improve your fitness and health. Colman is a Waterford man who has a master’s degree in Organic horticulture, a degree in education, a certificate in nutrition and is all about heath from the roots up (pun intended).


Aidan O’Flaherty

Aidan known to many as “the Irish physio” from his Instagram handle is passionate about solving running injuries and improving performance. He promotes exercise as a benefit for both body and mind. His Instagram is great for runners to follow with several workouts available geared towards runners of all levels.


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Kathryn Thomas

Kathryn is familiar to many through her work with RTÉ on Operation Transformation. She is also the company founder of Pure results. Pure results are an online community where you can do live workouts or at a time that suits you. They offer delicious meal plan monthly and a shopping list to make it easy to stay on track. They also offer all-inclusive retreats that include meals, luxury accommodation, classes, and workshops. Check out her Instagram to get a flavour of what these online workouts and retreats look like.

Ali Desmond

Ali is a mobile personal trainer based in East Cork. She is a certified pre and post natal coach and offers free home workouts and recipes on a weekly basis. As a mobile trainer, she brings the equipment and expertise directly to her clients, fitting around their work and family commitments to make losing weight, toning up, getting stronger, healthier and fitter convenient and hassle free.

Martyna Gut

Martyna’s passion is to prove that fitness is more than just the gym and diet plans that in fact, it is a lifestyle. She believes that you should have a balance whereby you enjoy exercise but are also able to enjoy eating pizza and drinking wine with friends. She shares some amazing healthy recipes and workouts to do at home with little to no equipment.


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Paul Dermody

Paul has always had a huge passion for fitness. He is of the opinion that fitness should play a part in everyone’s lives but in a way that is enjoyable and not all-consuming of one’s life. Paul hosts his very own Podcast discussing everything from nutrition and discussions with clients who discuss their own fitness journey with Paul. His Instagram highlights the many “fitness traps” to avoid when trying to improve your health and fitness.


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Ornagh Lee

Ornagh is a Gymnastic Ireland L1 Coach and Gymnastic Bodies L1 Coach.  She was part of the CrossFit European Gymnastic seminar team and was widely considered as being the premier CrossFit specific Gymnastics coach in Ireland. She has trained some of the country’s top Cross Fitter’s to improve their Gymnastics skills. Her main focus now is centred around the running of her private movement studio ‘More Chalk’ and her very popular after Flexibility workshops. Her Instagram features an array of mobility workouts to help you move more freely when exercising and helping to avoid any injuries.


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Nadia Keane

Nadia is a fitness coach who helps women ditch yo-yo diets, build better relationships with food, and provide workout programmes to help them become lean, strong, and more confident. She is passionate about helping women become the best versions of themselves by making changes that will help shape their body and mind. Her Instagram features easy to follow workouts and inspirational transformations to keep you motivated.

Ger Conroy

Ger has over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry. One of his three gyms was voted the best gym in Ireland in 2020. His services include individually tailored diet plans, group training programs and weight loss programs. Some of his most popular programs include 30 Day challenges, Mummies & Buggies and the 8-week challenge. His Instagram showcases what you can expect when entering any of his gyms with top range facilities and coaching available at all gyms.

Philly Mcmahon

If you are looking to improve your GAA then one must follow Philly on Instagram. An 8 time All Ireland Senior Football Championship winner with Dublin, he offers several GAA specific programmes to purchase such as the ultimate speed for GAA programme and the ultimate power for GAA programme, two of his most popular. If you are not into GAA not to worry, as he offers several tips on his Instagram as to how to improve your movement, become leaner and get stronger.


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Sarah Collopy

Sarah is an online nutrition, training, and lifestyle coach. She also worked as a chef before moving into fitness. This evident as her Instagram features some delicious healthy recipes that are easy to follow that are highly nutritious. Her online coaching is ideal for anyone that is new to training or has been training on their own and that are looking for some structure.


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Emma Forsyth

Emma is the founder of the award-winning Pilates Plus Dublin which was voted the best Pilates class in Ireland 2020. Her Pilates classes are the ultimate workout with your strength, core, endurance, cardio, and flexibility all worked in any one session. Her Instagram is full of fun Pilates tips for you to practice before you attend your next Pilates class. She offers online programs which include workout videos, health, and fitness tips and much more.


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Neal Dempsey

A fun fact about Neal is that he is not just a fitness coach but is also a fully qualified Firefighter and paramedic. His services include semi-private training, 1-1 private intensive training, 8-week programmes and daytime classes for ladies. His Instagram is full of motivational pictures of the gym and healthy food recipes to keep you motivated.


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Nils Conway

If golf is your game, then Nils is definitely worth following. He established Ireland’s very first golf-specific gym. His four main pillars to help golfers improve is through strength, speed, flexibility, and power work. His Instagram features easy to follow golf workouts and strength workouts specially designed for golfers.


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Paraic O’Neill

Paraic established the Gentle2Mental Club which is a community of people who run, walk, talk, and hike. He also offers virtual running groups and PT with 20% of all profits going to mental health charities. His page is worth a follow if you are looking to add variety to your training.


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Sean O Connor

Sean has trained numerous people to help reach their goals. If it is to run your first 5k, lose weight, gain muscle mass or looking to go to the gym for the first time, he is worth the follow. As Sean is based in south Kerry his page is full of beach and hiking workouts to inspire you to take your exercise outdoors and embrace what nature has to offer.


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Michelle Johnston

Michelle is a certified fitness trainer and nutritional coach. She has always been sporty and competed at Irish dancing in her youth. When she got to her early 20’s her weight she began to put on weight and didn’t feel confident. She decided to make small changes and began to see changes. She continued her fitness journey and in October 2017 she did her first IFBB bodybuilding show. Certainly, a top fitness expert to follow if you are looking for bodybuilding inspiration.

Shane Walsh

Shane is the owner of Shane Walsh Fitness. After becoming ill in 2017 Shane decided to try and become more active and once, he started training he absolutely loved it. He felt if he could get in shape that anyone could so that lead him to start training others. He specialises in helping females fuel their body correctly to optimise their training and recovery. His Instagram is full of useful goals and tips to help you keep motivated.

Liz Costigan

Liz is a qualified Yoga teacher, fitness trainer and wellness advocate based in Dublin. She feels that in listening to and learning about your body and doing what is right for you. She is passionate about making yoga, fitness, and wellbeing accessible to all. Her Instagram is a motivation to mothers looking to exercise as Liz herself balances her exercise life along with keeping a watchful eye on her twins.

Ronan Finn

Ronan is a personal trainer with his main philosophy being to help people get healthier, stronger, and moving better. He is an advocate for women’s strength training and is a pre/post-natal coachHe explains the fundamentals of numerous workouts on his page making sure you are performing your exercises correctly. His attention to detail is second to none.

Dearbhla Mitchell

For Dearbhla, exercise has always been about mental health using movement as a means of keeping a healthy mind. She has danced from a very young age and has performed as a lead soloist with the Monica Loughman Ballet Company. She wanted to give others the same positive feeling of wellbeing that fitness and dance have given her, so she became a Pilates instructor. For those looking to improve their flexibility and range of movement, her page is action-packed with daily exercises to follow.


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John Belton

John has over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry with over 15 different qualifications ranging from physical therapy to life coaching. His Instagram promotes a completely holistic approach to health and wellness. Be sure to check out his many stories on exercise and rest and recovery.

Coach Colm

A keen GAA enthusiast, Coach Colm is the owner of Fit100 a gym based in Limerick. He has been part of the Mayo GAA set up at various times, and a lot of his content is focused on improving athletic performance.


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Emma Claire

Emma is a qualified personal trainer and fitness class instructor. She is the co-owner of Unit 40 training facility in Cork. Emma has always had a passion for fitness. In her youth, she tried all types of sports from athletics to swimming. Her Instagram has numerous workouts to follow. Be warned the pictures of her dog may have you scrolling for longer than expected.


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Ian McGarry

Ian is the co-owner of Proform Pt in Sligo. They were finalists in the Irish Fitness Industry Awards in 2019 and were also finalists in 2020 for the best personal training gym in Ireland. Ian offers several services which include 1-1 private personal training, online coaching, customised training and plans and more. He shares small little habit changes on his Instagram which are not only for fitness but also for being more productive in day-to-day life.


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Mike Russell

Mike is the owner of Echo Athletics. His mission is to help people change their lives through one-on-one coaching. He feels that health and fitness is something that should be part of your daily life and should not be seen as a challenge. His Instagram is great for those looking to learn more about more complex weight lifts such as power snatches and front squats.


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Amie Wiley

Amie hails from Dublin and is a personal trainer, online coach, and sports nutritionist. Her Instagram is action-packed with loads of workout variations. Her workouts include ab workouts, banded leg workouts, upper body workouts and the gruelling full-body workout.


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Conor Corcoran

Conor is part of the Collective Fitness team in Dublin. He provides all in one online fitness plans for everyone, injury advice that is easy to follow and an active community to encourage you all the way. He has worked with a whole host of rugby and GAA athletes to help them to get to peak performance. His Instagram covers an array of different fitness areas such as injury prevention exercises and mobility workouts.

Siobhan Byrne

Siobhan is the co-owner of Bodybyrne fitness. She has over 15 years’ experience in the fitness industry. She has a background in Kickboxing and has competed in tournaments all around Ireland. She is also a triathlete coming first in the female relay in Iron Man 2012. She is a regular columnist and TV panellist. She offers several fitness tips on her Instagram for athletes of all types to help them thrive.


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Niall Butler

Niall is an ex-soldier with a passion for health and well-being. He believes that everyone’s body is different, so he likes his clients to eat foods that make them feel strong and healthy. His 90 ways in 90 days have been scientifically proven to get you fit, healthy, looking great and confident.

Mary Meyer

Mary is the owner of Fit4life gym in Charleville. She specialises in personal training, gymnastics, and golf fitness. She shares great workouts to follow on our Instagram page. Be sure to keep an eye out for her online fitness classes that she runs every week.


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Colin & Adam DT Fitness

Colin and Adam of DT Fitness have vast experience in the fitness world. Adam has worked with the Cork Senior football team as a strength and conditioning coach, while Colin has worked with companies such as Novartis and Pfizer to implement classes for employees of all levels and abilities. They offer personal training, team training and nutritional consultation. Their Instagram is full of workouts to keep you motivated and fit.


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Teddy is the owner of Bandon Strength and conditioning in West Cork. He offers strength and conditioning classes, exercise-based rehab, and personal training. Teddy’s Instagram showcases all the different exercises he does with his clients and he even offers kids and teens classes to teach them the correct way to exercise.

Austin Rhatigan

Austin is a personal trainer and sports nutritionist who leads by example having devoted his life to health and wellbeing. He is also a martial art competitor on both a national and international level. He is not your typical personal trainer as he takes a holistic whole-body approach to training. He provides followers with an insight into his life in martial arts and some challenging workouts to do.


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Mark Caulfield

Mark is a personal trainer who works in Barry’s Fitness in Waterford City. He has over 10 years’ experience in the fitness world. He loves to help people achieve their health and fitness goals so they can look, feel, and perform at the best of their ability both physically and mentally. He covers a whole host of different fitness topics on his Instagram such as proper technique, running tips and the importance of intensity in your workouts.

Jamie Martin Grace

Jamie is a personal trainer working to help clients become the strongest versions of themselves. His main speciality is in running, whether you need to master the mechanics of 100m sprint, plan and prepare for a marathon, or complete your first 5km. He showcases his training regimes as a track and field athlete on his Instagram. If it is running you are interested, he is definitely one to follow.


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Niall Feeny

Niall is a personal trainer in Six four fitness where they help busy women to get strong and lose body fat by offering accountability and structured workouts through their semiprivate training. Niall covers the importance of food mindset in fitness on his Instagram page and posts full-body workouts to do at home or in the gym.

Karen O’Brien

For those looking to get back from injury, Kate is definitely one to follow. She is a physiotherapist specialising in sports injuries and rehabilitation. She has a huge passion for sport and has worked for GB rowing and Sport Scotland. Her content on Instagram is broken down into easy-to-follow strengthening exercises to help you prevent and recover from injuries.

Darren Cashman

Darren is a personal trainer at Dennehy’s Health and Fitness in Cork. A former professional Thai boxer, he believes that no two bodies are the same and believes in creating a truly personalised experience to meet people’s individual needs when it comes to fitness. His Instagram content is full of energetic workouts to follow.


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Neil Bowman

Neil’s philosophy is to change the lives of his clients through tailored fitness programmes designed to be progressive, engaging and delivering results. The 3 key elements he covers are training, nutrition, and support. He showcases on his Instagram what you can expect if you sign up for one of his cross-training classes online.