Pregnancy and parenting can be daunting, to say the least, and scrolling through the wealth of information online can be overwhelming. Pregnancy often throws up a million and one questions that we depend on online pregnancy resources to answer. Luckily for you, we have taken the time to put together the best Doula blogs to follow in the USA to help you on your pregnancy journey.

These blogs provide insight into everything from dehydration in pregnancy to prenatal exercises and birthing positions. If you are pregnant looking for advice, this post will be perfect for you!

P.S, if you think we have left anyone out that should be on the list, feel free to message us and let us know!

Stephanie Heintzeler – The New York Doula

Stephanie is a German-educated midwife and acupuncturist as well as a US-educated birth and postpartum doula, childbirth educator, certified lactation counsellor and Lactation Consultant. She founded “The New York Baby” to help parents get in touch with a Doula who fits their needs and budgets. Her blog is full of information discussing ways to establish a positive bond with your baby, choosing the right childbirth classes and tips on bottle-feeding your baby.

Stephanie’s Blog

Meredith Currin – New Life Birth Services

Meredith specializes in prenatal, birthing, and postpartum support. Her aim is to give clients and their family the attention and knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their pregnancy and labor process. Her blog is relatively new, but she already has some amazing content published covering topics including birth affirmations and the best way to finance your Doula.

Meredith’s Blog

Kim Racette – Doulas of the Southwest

Kim received her doula certification from Inspired Birth and Families. She is trained in hypnobirthing for experience. She is part of the Doulas of the Southwest group where she and like-minded individuals offer Doula support through mini-classes. Their blog covers many topics including ideas for helpful non-material baby gifts and prenatal yoga.

Kim’s Blog

Tricia Croom – Tricia Croom Doula

Tricia believes that birth is special and having the right support by your side is crucial. As a birth Doula, she gets great satisfaction in providing continuous support to her clients and their partners. After taking a break from blogging she has begun again discussing the challenges COVID-19 has had on her work as a Doula. Her blogs are informative covering topics such as the benefits of having a Doula at your birth and what to include in your birth bag.

Tricia’s Blog

Laura Fortner – North Dallas Doula Associates

Laura is a dual certified birth Doula and CAPPA trained Certified Lactation Educator. She has always had a passion for supporting women with childbirth. The Doula assisted birth of her second child led her to become a Doula. She is part of the team at North Dallas Doula Associates where she contributes to their blog. Her blog is full of helpful information. A must-read from her blog is where she discusses how she wished she had a Doula when she had cancer.

Laura’s Blog

Krista Smith – Of Sage and Spirit

Birth and healing work has always been a major part of Krista’s life. She has several strings to her bow which include DONA International Birth Doula, certified postpartum Doula, placenta encapsulation specialist, childbirth educator and fertility and bereavement Doula. In her blog, she covers the benefits of taking showers and baths and she also covers the importance of staying dehydrated during pregnancy.

Krista’s Blog

Colleen Goidel – Two Doulas & You

Colleen is a CAPPA certified Postpartum Doula, a Birthing From Withing childbirth educator and lactation, postpartum and parenting educator. Over the last twenty years she has supported hundreds of laboring, postpartum and breastfeeding clients. In her blog, she covers a whole host of topics including the very popular blog which breaks down the difference between Doula, Midwife and Childbirth Educator.

Colleen’s Blog

Sara Tettelbach – Atlanta Birth Doula

Sara is a trained birth Doula and a registered nurse. She has over 10 years of experience working in health care. She aims to make sure that the families she works with feel confident in their choices and their birth team. Her blog covers such topics as being a birth keeper, why birth matters and how they supported families during the pandemic.

Sara’s Blog

Cynthya Dzialo – Happiest Doulas

Cynthya is the owner of The Happiest Doula. She offers childbirth support, along with parent education and infant care, helping family’s transition from pregnancy to parenthood with confidence and ease. She covers a range of topics in her blog including, prenatal exercises and birthing positions, tips to help your baby bottle during the day, and sleep scheduling and controlled crying.

Cynthya’s Blog

Elysia Douglas – North Atlanta Concierge Doulas

Elysia is a professional Doula with certificates for labor, postpartum and infant care, and childbirth education. She offers attentive, nurturing, and compassionate support during pregnancy, labor, birth, and the postpartum period. Her blog highlights the need to trusting your body when getting pregnant, the difference a Doula can make and how to tell the difference between Braxton hicks vs true labor.

Elysia’s Blog

Karen Kurtigian – Western MA Doulas

Karen is the owner of Western MA Doulas and began supporting families as a Doula in 2012. During this time, she has built up vast experience in supporting all different types of birth, as well as several different parenting philosophies. She discusses many topics that people may not think about in her blog such as how to get comfortable for the car journey when active labor hits, hot or cold therapy during labor and allowing children to celebrate the loss of a pet.

Karen’s Blog

Bethany Leclerc – A Golden Birth

Bethany became a certified DONA Doula in 2015 and in more recent times she has become an APPA certified placenta encapsulator, a childbirth educator and a certified lactation counsellor. In her blog, she strives to provide support to families for pregnancy, birth, and parenthood through stories and information. Her blog contains content on how Doulas are for partners too, how to know it’s time to go and much more.

Bethany’s Blog

Melanie Patrick – Emerald Doulas

Melanie Patrick is a CAPPA Certified Labor Doula, Bereavement Doula, and a Hypni-Doula trained in both Hypnobirthing and Hypnobabies. Her blog posts include book recommendations for new parents, meal prep for postpartum and tips to help partners support their partner.

Melanie’s Blog

Christine Robinson – Doulas of Asheville

Christine is passionate about supporting families through the transitions of birth and parenthood which led her to become a certified Doula in 2014. She is part owner of Doulas Of Asheville. In her blog she writes about which breast pump is best, the reasons families should and should not hire postpartum Doulas and what is a placenta tincture.

Christine’s Blog

Kelly Rutan – Doulas of Raleigh

Kelly is the co-owner of Doulas of Raleigh. She is a ProDoula Certified Postpartum & Infant Care Doula, a ProDoula Certified Postpartum Placenta Specialist, and a ProDoula Certified Infant Feeding Specialist. Her blog offers top tips on bringing babies home, sleep deprivation and options for caesarean birth and much more.

Kelly’s Blog

Sarah Carter – Natural Baby Doulas

Sarah is a DONA International Certified Birth Doula and Placenta Encapsulation Specialist. After seeing other women in her family have natural births and home births, she knew she wanted a natural birth herself. This sparked her interest in becoming a Doula. She writes about the process of triage, along with contributions from her colleagues on different topics such as massage therapy in pregnancy.

Sarah’s Blog

Haley Jasmin – UpTown Doula

Haley received her Labor Doula Certification along with her Postpartum Placenta Specialist Certification from ProDoula. Haley’s blogs contain useful information regarding shopping for a newborn when to know when to move a child from their crib and steps to help babies sleep longer.

Haley’s Blog

Anita – The Doula Xperience

Anita is certified as a full spectrum Doula which includes birth, postpartum, and bereavement. Her passion is to empower individuals and families to be the best individual and parent based on their needs, strengths, and goals. Anita’s blog is relatively new but consists of interesting content regarding the power of no and tips to master your communication style as parents.

Anita’s Blog

Linsey Griffith – The Ohio Doula

Linsey has been working as a birth professional for over 12 years where she has attended over 250 births. Her blog discusses topics such as postpartum pelvic floor health, outside forces that affect pregnancy and nutrition in pregnancy to name but a few.

Linsey’s Blog

Rae Jager – The Modern Doula of Cincinnati

Rae is trained and certified through ProDoula. She specializes in birth, postpartum care, and breastfeeding. She is also a yoga teacher which helps when it comes to the importance of energetic healing and physical movement. Her blog covers the importance of breathing during and after contractions, 2021 pregnancy must-haves and a day in the life of a birth Doula.

Rae’s Blog

Lisa Falkenstein – Nutured Foundation

Lisa spent many years working in various social work positions before she decided to become a postpartum Doula. She believes that birth and parenthood are a sacred time in a persons and family’s life. Her blog has some great tips around sleep, covering newborn sleep tips and tips for the four-month sleep regression.

Lisa’s Blog

Aly Romot – Mind Body Baby Columbus

Aly is a private birth Doula, Hypnobirthing certified educator and certified lactation counsellor. She is passionate about birth because she wants more birthing people to feel the way she did during and after her births which were empowered, heard, respected, and supported. In her blog, she covers the power of affirmations and how to use them and the secret to hypnobirthing.

Aly’s Blog

Krystal Cleaver – Doulas Of Denver

Krystal is a registered nurse who has a passion for helping women in their pregnancies and during their first year of parenting. She began Doulas of Denver to give clients the best experience possible with the optimum choices for Doula and postpartum care. Her blog covers many facets of pregnancy including postpartum exercises, essential baby sleep tools and SMART goals for childbirth.

Krystal’s Blog

Hillery Lyen Warren – Family Nest Colorado

Hillerry is a certified Doula and Childbirth Strategist. She has over 200+ families through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. She loves helping pregnant mothers find their birth power. Hillery is a vast array of content on her blog covering everything from how Doulas support caesarean births to what to expect in the first 5 days with a newborn.

Hillery’s Blog

Carolyn Butler – Doula Wise

Carolyn is a CAPPA and DONA certified birth Doula. She strives to ensure that people have the most positive births possible and are empowered by their experiences. In her blog she writes about the benefits of birth Doulas, how dads can benefit from hiring a Doula and relaxing and coping techniques for labor.

Carolyn’s Blog

McLean Confer – Loving Mama Doula

McLean provides emotional, physical, and educational support to help families prepare for labor, birth and the first days with their newborn. She is certified birth Doula and a trained Hypno-Doula. Her blog post mainly focuses on a Doulas journey with their client before and after their home birth.

McLean’s Blog

Ashley Sawyer – Metro Detroit Hypnobirthing

Ashely is the owner of Metro – Detroit Hypnobirthing. Her aim is to bring this proactive approach to as many families as possible as well as creating a safe, non-biased learning environment around pregnancy and birth. In her blog she tells the stories of different couples Hypnobirthing stories along with her own personal tips.

Ashley’s Blog

Sharon Quinn – Ann Arbor Birth & Family

Sharon has worked as a certified Doula and birth instructor since 2013. She is passionate about ensuring that individuals and families navigate the journey to parenthood with confidence. Her blog covers subjects such as practising prenatal and postnatal yoga at home, birth trauma and bathing with your baby.

Sharon’s Blog

Margaret Rodeghier – The Grosse Pointe Doula

Margaret’s mission as a Doula is to help women feel informed and find their power. She does this through evidence-based information to help women make their own personal decisions for their pregnancy, delivery, and the baby’s medical care. She discusses topics in her blog such as easy ways for partners to prepare for labor and birth, postpartum mood, and her birth philosophy.

Margaret’s Blog

Kelli Stanley – Tree of Life Doula Care

Kelli began her journey supporting people through life events in college when her friends would ask her to go with them to get their first tattoos. This was not a once-off event. She would later realize this was her initiation into being a Doula.

Kelli’s Blog

Emma Reyes – Birth Flower Doula

Emma, who is originally from Sydney, is now living in California. She decided to become a Doula after she became frustrated hearing friends’ experiences of fear and being unheard during their pregnancies. In her blog she discusses prodromal labor, morning sickness and motherhood and loneliness.

Emma’s Blog

Marlee Malone Franklin – Riverbend Birth

Marlee has been serving families with diverse backgrounds and values since 2014, offering individualized care for each client. She has a passion for working with parents birthing in a hospital environment who want to have a supported, whole-person experience. Her blog with her work colleague Megan covers topics including reasons you should see a lactation professional, reasons to work with a birth Doula and tips to feeling comfortable in labor and the delivery room.

Marlee’s Blog

Chelsea Croce – Doulas Of Orange County

Chelsea is the co-owner of Doulas of Orange County. She is a birth Doula, postpartum Doula, and parenting educator. She discusses topics in her blog regarding when pregnancy symptoms can start, bottle feeding tips and signs a baby is overtired and what to do about it.

Chelsea’s Blog

Elena Carrillo – DONA International

Elena is the president of DONA international. She has worked as a Doula for more than 40 years, attending 2,500 births as a Doula. She contributes to the DONA international blog where they cover topics such as reasons why you may want a postpartum Doula after Caesarean birth, why you may want a birth Doula during Caesarean birth and what is a natural birth.

Elena’s Blog

Katherine Keener – One Moon Doula Services

Katherine is a Birth and Postpartum Doula who has always loved caring for children and babies as she previously worked as a babysitter and a nanny for 11 years. Her blog comprises of ways to soothe a baby, how to swaddle a baby and protecting babies in the sun.

Katherine’s Blog

Amy Lewis – Buddha Belly

Amy is the co-owner of Buddha Belly. She is certified by ProDoula as a labor Doula, postpartum and infant care Doula, and postpartum specialist. She has supported hundreds of families in labor and birth in hospitals and birth centers and in their homes.

Amy’s Blog

Kristin Revere – Gold Coast Doulas

Kristin has always had a passion for supporting women, both personally and professionally. After the birth of her daughter in 2011 she became very interested in all things regarding birth.  She became a Doula in 2014. She keeps her blog regularly updated covering topics such as keeping healthy during pregnancy, nutritious meals for new moms and acupuncture during pregnancy.

Kristin’s Blog

Joy Kobrick / Dara DeSoto – Joyful Roots

Joy and Dara are the owners of Joyful Roots Doulas which they founded in 2018. Their blog showcases real-life stories with couples with who they have worked with throughout their child’s birth. They also have some insightful blog content regarding postpartum care and support.

Joy & Dara’s Blog

Chelsey Worth – NorCal Doulas

Chelsey is professionally trained and certified as a birth + postpartum Doula as well as an infant feeding specialist. With her clients, she aims to reduce any fear they may have and instill strength in them. While her blog is relatively new, she discusses why someone should hire a Doula and Richelle Clayton discusses her own battle with prenatal depression.

Chelsey’s Blog

Carolyn Alexander – MomEase

Carolyn is a Labor Doula, breastfeeding instructor and certified Lamaze childbirth educator. She has attended 300+ births and has taught over 1000 expecting parents in childbirth classes. She is part of the team at MomEase where she contributes to their blog where they write about Autism, placenta encapsulation and how to establish routines for mother and baby.

Carolyn’s Blog

Sarah Roy – Rainbow Doula CA

Sarah has always found joy in seeing pregnant women and witnessing births, so she knew becoming a Doula was for her. She offers pregnancy, birth, and postpartum support. Her blog has helpful tips on anxiety while pregnant, birth control, miscarriage and getting prepared for labor.

Sarah’s Blog

Kerynn Jetton – Mama In Mind

Kerynn is a certified birth and Postpartum Doula through International Doula Institute as well as a Lactation Consultant Assistant. She is very passionate about her profession and keeps up to date on the latest information and studies about birth. She is a very active blogger highlighting topics such as labor, delivery Nurses and Doulas, the role of partners in the birth room and birthing centers.

Kerynn’s Blog

Robin Elise Weiss – 100% Doula

Robin has seen many changes since she began birth work in 1988 but she is still committed as ever to support and mentor new birth professionals. She is the author of the Dynamic trainer of both Doulas and Educators. Her blog talks about the importance of social media to Doulas and Childbirth educators, how to work as a Doula and lessons she has learned over the years working as a Doula.

Robin’s Blog

Mckayla Rodriguez – The Sunshine Doula

Mckayla is the owner of The Sunshine Doula. She is a birth enthusiast who loves helping families plan for and welcome new babies into their lives. In her blog, she talks about the importance of a partner during pregnancy, how she Doulas herself and the importance of self-care in motherhood.

McKayla’s Blog