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Iron is an important nutrient for athletes, as your muscles use iron to help produce energy. Iron is responsible for transporting oxygen around the body, and in the formation of hemoglobin and red blood cells. In short, iron helps the body maintain its energy levels, and inadequate iron levels can make an individual feel tired and fatigued.¹


Athletes, especially those who enjoy endurance sports such as running, cycling, rowing, and triathlons are acutely at risk for depleting their iron stores to inadequate levels, and may struggle to naturally rebuild this deficit. While we get iron from our food, it is not always well absorbed, and diet alone may not always be enough to rebuild depleted iron stores.

How can an athlete lose iron during exercise?

Heavy sweating can cause additional iron loss.

Training (especially for events like marathons and triathlons) will put the body into a state of stress and may reduce its ability to absorb nutrients efficiently.

During exercise, the body does not digest food as efficiently, and absorption can be compromised.

Athletes worldwide are choosing to supplement with Active Iron.

Active Iron is different.

Most iron supplements dissolve in the stomach. This can lead to oxidation and gut inflammation, which can lead to common side effects associated with iron supplements, such as constipation and nausea. Active Iron is different. Its ground breaking whey protein formula targets the right place for absorption, the DMT-1. This helps reduce oxidation, thus protecting the gut from inflammation. As a result, Active Iron is highly absorbed compared to other iron supplements², making it gentle on the stomach and clinical results have shown that it increases iron levels by 94%³.


If you often feel tired and fatigued throughout your menstrual cycle, routine iron supplementation with Active Iron can help to support your iron and energy levels¹

Active Iron High Potency

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¹Iron contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. ²Wang et al. 2017, Acta Haematologica, 138: 223-232. ³Ledwidge et al. 2021. Data on file.