Monthly periods are the most common cause of iron loss, and research shows that women of childbearing age need up to three times more daily iron than men. It is estimated that 220 to 250mg of iron per pint of blood is lost during menstruation.

As a result, many experience tiredness and fatigue¹. A recent survey conducted by Active Iron² shows that 67% of women experience heavy periods. Yet, 41% of women admit they have never considered that their menstrual cycle could be causing inadequate iron levels, resulting in fatigue.


Women can also experience an increased need for iron during perimenopause and menopause, as periods can become irregular and menstruation may be heavier or more frequent. Among women who experience heavier periods, adequate daily iron intake is particularly important and may be difficult to achieve through diet alone.

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Most iron supplements dissolve in the stomach. This can lead to oxidation and gut inflammation, which can lead to common side effects associated with iron supplements, such as constipation and nausea. Active Iron is different. Its ground breaking whey protein formula targets the right place for absorption, the DMT-1. This helps reduce oxidation, thus protecting the gut from inflammation. As a result, Active Iron is highly absorbed compared to other iron supplements³, making it gentle on the stomach and clinical results have shown that it increases iron levels by 94%⁴.


If you often feel tired and fatigued throughout your menstrual cycle, routine iron supplementation with Active Iron can help to support your iron and energy levels¹

Active Iron for Women

Active Iron for Women helps support iron levels & women’s nutritional needs.


Active Iron High Potency

Active Iron High Potency is clinically proven to double iron levels and restore energy.


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Active Iron - KEITH C


I bought these tablets for my wife, who was really suffering with headaches, dizziness, and nausea every time she has her period. These tablets have worked miracles for her. My sincere thanks to the seller.
Active Iron - CARLA O


This pill has helped me with my borderline inadequate iron levels. I felt a big difference in my period cycle, my fatigue around the cycle had also diminished. The other positive thing around this product is that its gentle on the tummy. As a former chronic gastritis and irritable bowel syndrome sufferer, avoiding an upset or trigger is a must. This really does the trick.
Active Iron - EVE


Having used iron tablets before and noticing the side effects after a period of tiredness brought on my stress and exercise I gave these a go. They are very easy to take and can be taken on an empty stomach. I notice a difference in a few days and feel less inclined to nap. I'd especially recommend these for ladies who also get digestive problems associated with their periods.
¹Iron contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue ²Active Iron Survey 2021. N = 2,400. ³Wang et al. 2017, Acta Haematologica, 138: 223-232. ⁴Ledwidge et al. 2021. Data on file.