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Our healthcare hub has been created specifically for health professionals. Our aim is to equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to help advise and engage your patients and customers, so they can meet their nutritional needs without compromise.

How does Active Iron work?

Active Iron is clinically proven to increase iron and support haemoglobin formation. Active Iron’s ground-breaking formulation targets the body’s natural site of absorption, the DMT-1, delivering 2X better absorption of iron sulfate.

Gastrointestinal side effects are the major cause for poor adherence with oral iron products. This led us to carry out new additional research to find out more about the impact our product has on efficacy and gut health.

Our latest research shows that Active Iron is 6X less likely to cause gut irritation compared to previous oral iron, resulting in 4X better compliance in taking the product. Active Iron also increased iron stores by 94%, with a significant improvement in resulting energy levels.

Clinically proven research.

Working with a team of Scientists at Dublin’s premier University, Trinity College Dublin, we developed Active Iron, so people could feel the benefits of iron without the negative side effects.

We believe that women have been putting up with the side effects of oral iron for too long. This led us to carry out further clinical research to find out more about the impact that our mode of action had on compliance and tolerability of oral iron.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

At Active Iron we understand that it is a mandatory requirement for Health Care Professionals (HCPs) to complete ongoing professional training and education.

We also understand that often there are too few opportunities to access training and development, so we are delighted to partner with the Health Professional Academy to provide education on an independent learning platform.

We have co-developed a dedicated Clinical Hub, full of useful and relevant clinical content, educational material and patient advice for HCPs. We worked with a panel of highly credible academics, clinical reviewers and key opinion leaders to create an academically approved HCP education programme suitable for format CPD accreditation, including an academically approved on-demand video learning module.


We want to equip you with the best and most up to date tools and resources to support you in your clinical practice. In this section of our HCP portal you will find; Active Iron product information, patient support materials, educational tools, on demand e-learning videos, healthcare professional testimonials, customer feedback, and latest news including HCP blogs and clinical pearls.

Period health assessment

Use these questions to open up the conversation about period health with your patients/customers


Iron in pregnancy

Written by expert midwife Active Flynn, this guide can be used by GP’s midwives and maternity professionals

Mode of action video

Our mode of action video explains how Active Iron works & how it is different to other iron supplements


Infographic for midwives

Discover why 84% of midwives recommend Active Iron to their patients throughout their pregnancy journey


CPD Module

Access our FREE CPD to discover the latest guidelines on the management of iron deficiency amongst pregnant women


Why is Active Iron different?

Active Iron’s advanced protein formulation is clinically proven to give better absorption of iron sulfate and is gentle enough to take on an empty stomach.

Who is most likely to need Iron supplements?

Monthly periods are the most common cause of iron loss worldwide. Research shows that women of childbearing age need 2-3 times more iron than men.

How does pregnancy influence iron levels?

During pregnancy, the volume of blood in your body increases by about 30-50%.

Is Active Iron suitable during pregnancy?

Yes, Active Iron is suitable during all trimesters of pregnancy. Iron needs are increased during pregnancy.

Why is Active Iron better than other iron products on the market?

Active Iron’s advanced protein formulation is clinically proven to give better absorption of iron sulfate and is gentle enough to take on an empty stomach.

What evidence or research supports your claims about Active Iron?

Studies carried out in conjunction with Trinity College Dublin have shown that the iron in Active Iron is better absorbed and better tolerated than standard ferrous sulphate iron products on the market.

Does Active Iron interact with any medicines or food?

All iron preparations can interact with certain types of food and medicines.

Medicines: Iron may reduce the absorption of some antibiotics, thyroid medicines, methyldopa, levodopa, and penicillamine.

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