Active Iron is the only oral iron that is clinically proven;

  • 2X better absorption of iron sulfate 
  • 6X less gut irritation 
  • Increases iron levels by 94%


Active Iron research paper 2021

Iron deficiency in women of childbearing age with self-reported oral iron gastrointestinal intolerance and management with an oral iron whey protein formulation

Active Iron research paper 2017

Novel iron-whey protein microspheres protect gut epithelial cells from iron-related oxidative stress and damage and improve iron absorption in fasting adults

Summary of Active Iron research paper 2021

If you often feel tired and fatigued throughout your training, routine iron supplementation with Active Iron can help to support your iron and energy levels

Low dose iron for the treatment of anaemia in pregnancy research paper 2009

Should we lower the dose of iron when treating anaemia in pregnancy? A randomized dose–response trial

Folic acid bioavailability paper 2016

Enhanced oral bioavailability of a novel folate salt: comparison with folic acid and a calcium folate salt in a pharmokinetic study in rats


Quatrefolic white paper 2015

An informative report on Quatrefolic® and the new research topics of folate
application with specific reference to the role of the polymorphism of the enzyme Methyltetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR)

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