If you are considering taking liquid iron supplements, then this article is essential reading. Some manufacturers claim that liquid iron supplements are gentler on the stomach and more easily absorbed than tablet iron supplements. However, there are also several drawbacks with liquid iron supplements, including tooth staining, absorption, and unwanted side effects.


Here, we take you through everything you need to know about liquid iron supplements. We cover the following issues to help you make an informed choice.

  • Benefits of liquid iron
  • How quickly liquid iron supplements work
  • Whether the body better absorbs liquid iron supplements
  • Side effects of liquid iron, including staining and damage to teeth
  • Differences between liquid iron and other forms of supplements
  • Best iron supplements

What are the benefits of liquid iron?

Most of us get enough iron from dietary sources. However, some people choose to take iron supplements to increase their intake and to help avoid low iron levels. These may include pregnant women, athletes, vegetarians, vegans.

Liquid Iron for Pregnancy.

Iron is one of the most vital supplements to take to maintain a healthy pregnancy. Because the requirements of pregnancy increase the need for iron so much, most women opt for liquid iron supplements in pregnancy with the thought that liquid will be gentler on the stomach and more easily absorbed than tablet iron supplements. However, this is not always the case due to several drawbacks with liquid iron supplements, including tooth staining, absorption, and unwanted side effects.

Most liquid iron supplements can cause side effects that can heighten the discomforts of pregnancy. Active Iron is different and works in harmony with your body to give you all you need while having much better absorbency rates and much less discomfort.

Liquid Iron’s History.

Iron supplements have a long history, with the first recorded use of iron supplements all the way back in the nineteenth century. Things have come a long way since then; however, some still experience problems with traditional iron supplements. These include nausea, vomiting and stomach pain.

Liquid iron supplements were developed as an alternative for people who are intolerant of traditional iron supplements, under the assertion that liquid iron is more easily absorbed by the body.

How quickly do liquid iron supplements work?

The length of time it takes for liquid iron supplements to work will vary from person to person. Some people feel the benefits straight away, while others take much longer, up to several months.

Many issues affect how quickly the liquid iron is absorbed in the stomach.  Factors such as when in the day you take the supplement can have an impact. Some foods can also help increase iron absorption, while others have a negative effect.

Is liquid iron absorbed better?

The absorption of liquid iron supplements depends on a range of factors, including when and how you take liquid iron. The best time to take liquid iron is in the morning on an empty stomach. However, this can make side effects such as nausea and constipation much worse.

It’s also worth noting that manufacturers generally make liquid iron supplements in low concentrations. This is to prevent accidental overdose in children, who may try and drink liquid iron if left unsupervised.

Poorly absorbed iron supplements can lead to gut irritation, including constipation and nausea. Iron gets absorbed in the duodenum which is in the small intestine. The best iron supplement to use is one that’s released at the body’s natural site of absorption.

Active Iron works differently from other iron supplements, including liquid iron. The ground-breaking formula in Active Iron is so gentle, you can even take it on an empty stomach. Best of all, Active Iron stays in an easy-to-absorb state all the way to the small intestine, the body’s main site of absorption. Thanks to a special whey protein layer, the iron is protected from stomach acid.

The advanced technology in Active Iron is clinically proven to have twice the absorption of standard ferrous sulphate. You can even take the easy-to-swallow capsules at any time of day.

What are the side effects of liquid iron?

 In common with other iron supplements, there are potential side effects with liquid iron. Many people report suffering from the following side effects when taking liquid iron:

  • Feeling sick or nauseous: This can vary from mild nausea to vomiting. Unpleasant and embarrassing, these side effects can have a big impact on your daily life.
  • Stomach pain: Some people report problems with heartburn, cramping, flatulence and stomach irritation. These unwanted side effects will make carrying out everyday tasks more difficult.
  • Constipation: This uncomfortable and distressing complaint is one of the most common side effects of liquid iron.
  • Diarrhoea: Many people report problems with diarrhoea when taking liquid iron. It’s another debilitating side effect that’s all too common.

Furthermore, there is one particular side effect unique to liquid iron: Black stained teeth, a common problem.