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Folic Acid Supplement

New Active Folic

New Active Folic provides Folic Acid in its natural folate form to support greater absorption.

400µg of Folic Acid is recommended one month prior to conception and for the first 12 weeks to increase maternal folate status. Low maternal folate status is a risk factor in the development of neural tube defects (NTD) in the developing foetus.

Folic Acid is the most common form of folate supplement. However, increasing evidence suggests that reduced folate (methyl folate) is a better option. This is a result of the inability of up to 67% of the world’s population* to be able to effectively convert Folic Acid from food or supplements into a form that is usable in the body.

New Active Folic delivers x3 greater absorption than standard Folic Acid.

Active Folic contains the patented Quatrefolic® as a source of reduced folate, the nutritionally active form of folate required for optimum absorption.

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The Benefits Of Folic Acid Supplementation For Women

Folate is a B Vitamin (B9) that helps your body make red blood cells. Red blood cells carry oxygen to all parts of your body. If you don’t have enough folate, your body can’t bring enough oxygen to all your tissues and organs. Without enough oxygen, your body can’t work as well.

Women with periods replace red blood cells more often than other groups due to blood loss in menstruation.

Amongst women who experience heavier periods, adequate daily folate intake as well as daily iron intake is important. This may be difficult to achieve with diet alone.

Folate cannot be stored in the body and is required in your daily diet.

Folate supports normal function of the immune system, normal blood function and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

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Supplementing With Folic Acid Before Pregnancy

Studies have found that low dietary intake of folate increases the risk of delivering a child with neural tube defects (NTD).

Many health authorities around the world, including the HSE (Ireland) and NHS (UK), recommend daily supplementation with 400mcg of folic acid before pregnancy.

Preconception and the first period after conception are particularly important for folate supplementation. All adults need 200 micrograms per day, however women are recommended to supplement with 400mcg per day for at least 1 month, prior to conception. Supplementation for 3 months prior to conception considered optimal.

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Folic Acid Supplement For Pregnant Women

In addition to the recommendation of daily supplementation of Folic Acid pre-pregnancy, it is recommended that women continue to supplement at 400mcg per day for the first 3 months of pregnancy.

In the very first weeks of pregnancy, the neural tube closes and fuses. The neural tube later becomes the baby’s brain and spinal cord. Taking extra folic acid (folate) daily is needed to support his as it helps reduce the risk of neural tube defects (NTD).

Spina bifida is the most common NTD, the spinal cord and surrounding bones (vertebrae) do not develop correctly and a gap or split occurs in the spine.

Folate For Pregnancy

Before man-made Folic Acid and food folate can be used by the body, it must undergo two conversions to become the active form (5-MTHF).

However, a large portion of people globally – estimated to be up to 67% – have a genetic predisposition that reduces their ability to convert Folic Acid into its usable form.

Active Folic provides the daily supplemental intake of 400mcg of folate per day required in pregnancy. It delivers x3 greater absorption than standard Folic Acid.

Why Active Folic can support dietary folate intake

As well as providing folate in its natural form to support greater absorption, Active Folic passes the gastric barrier and is absorbed mainly in the small intestine. The carrier is not saturated, and this enables Active Folic to ensure a higher folate uptake.

New Active Folic provides the nutritionally active form of folate required for optimum absorption.

Free From:

  • ActiveIron no Sugar
  • ActiveIron Wheat Free
  • Active Iron preservative free
  • ActiveIron Gluten Free

Suitable For:

  • ActiveIron for Pregnancy
  • ActiveIron for Exercisers
  • ActiveIron for Vegetarians
    Vegans & Vegetarians

Active Folic Ingredient List

Maltodextrin, stearate acid, anticaking agent (silicon dioxide & magnesium stearate). 5 methyltetrahydrofolate. glucosamine salt, capsule shell (hypromellose), capsule colourant (purple carrot vegetable.)