IRON FOR Energy.

Iron is essential for energy, as it helps transport oxygen throughout the body. Adequate iron levels ensure optimal oxygenation of cells, promoting energy production and preventing tiredness & fatigue. Iron also plays a role in supporting cognitive function and a healthy immune system. 


Most iron supplements dissolve in the stomach. This can lead to oxidation and gut inflammation, which can lead to common side effects associated with iron supplements, such as constipation and nausea. Active Iron is different. Its ground breaking whey protein formula targets the right place for absorption, the DMT-1. This helps reduce oxidation, thus protecting the gut from inflammation. As a result, Active Iron is highly absorbed compared to other iron supplements¹, making it gentle on the stomach and clinical results have shown that it increases iron levels by 94%².


Help support your energy levels with Active Iron today.

Active Iron

Active Iron helps support iron and energy levels.

Active Iron Advance

Delivering 179% of your daily iron needs, Active Iron Advance is clinically proven to increase iron levels by 94%.

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¹Wang et al. 2017, Acta Haematologica, 138: 223-232. ²Ledwidge et al. 2021. Data on file.