There is so much food inspiration on social media it’s hard to figure out who to follow. Everywhere we turn, it seems we’re getting advice on what to eat (or not eat) and how to fuel our bodies.

Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best Dallas based nutritionists and food experts to follow on social media (in no particular order), if you want to get the most up-to-date information about food and nutrition.

We’ve also included a few former Dallasites who are now based in new cities.
They all know their way around an avocado and have a thing or two to say about coconut oil. They are sure to inspire you, inform you with solid information and consistently make you drool with healthy food ideas, whether that’s high protein Texas BBQ or low-calorie Tex Mex tacos!

P.S, if you think we’ve left anyone out that should be on the list, feel free to message us and let us know!

Taylor Metzger

Taylor specialises in those who are looking to lose weight, build muscle, or improve their nutrition. He offers a range of packages to help people reach their nutritional and fitness goals. One of his most popular packages is the 8 sessions monthly package which includes body composition measurements and bi-weekly accountability program.


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Whitney Stuart

Whitney has a Masters in Clinical Nutrition from UTSW. She spends four days a week as a dietitian and diabetic educator for a leading endocrinology group in Dallas. She also runs Whitness Nutrition as a full-service nutrition private practice for all ages and genders which focuses on holistic nutritional, corporate nutrition, and educational support. Her philosophy is focusing on real food nutrition with an emphasis on balance, grace and evidenced-based facts. She customises each clients program based on specific barriers, lifestyle, and goals.

Casey Bonano

Casey is a registered dietitian with vast experience working in numerous areas including residential, partial, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient eating disorder treatment and private practice. She likes to get to know her patients well to fully understand their needs and lifestyle. She believes in an intuitive eating and non-dieting approach for clients to attain long term behavioural change. Her goal is to supply her clients with the means to achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle and to heal their relationship with food and body.

James Lucas

James has over a decade of experience as a registered dietitian. He is a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics and an exercise physiologist. He has worked with cancer patients, athletes and active individuals and creates a tailored approach for their individual needs. He founded JLucas Nutrition where he offers realistic nutrition advice and meal plans to help people optimize their health, wealth, wellness, and athletic performance.


Neily is a registered dietician nutritionist and a wellness coach certified health coach. She helps women to have a better relationship with food whether that is managing a chronic disease or just looking to feel more comfortable in themselves. She has an established track record of helping women achieve their goals. She offers numerous programs to suits one’s goals with one-to-one support offered no matter where one lives.

Megan Renee

Megan has always been passionate about fitness and nutrition from a young age. She played numerous sports in her youth including gymnastics, basketball, soccer, softball, volleyball, cheerleading and Track & Field. Her successful athletic background helped her follow her passion in helping people achieve their nutritional and fitness goals. She offers several customized meal plans which include plans to cut fat/ lose weight, build muscle/gain weight and maintenance plans.


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Nolan King

Nolan is a former football player, sprinter, basketball player and military academy graduate. His philosophy is to develop plans for his clients that integrate health and fitness with the goal of achieving maximum results. One of his most popular plans consists of a diet plan for burning fat and building muscle. It includes 24/7 support via email.

Alex Snodgrass

Alex has had a passion for food and cooking from a very young age where she loved to help her mother in the kitchen. She is a huge advocate of the Whole30 program. It altered her relationship with food and most of her recipes are Whole 30/ Paleo compliant. She also has a cookbook called The Defined Dish: Healthy and Wholesome Weeknights which is packed full of simple and healthy recipes.


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Gerald Smith

Gerald’s approach to nutrition is to create a practical plan that is easy for people to follow. He firstly discusses his client’s goals and then creates a custom meal plan based on their lifestyle and food preferences. He also focuses on behaviours that can help people achieve their goals such as preparing meals ahead of time, avoiding eating out and planning for social situations.


Veronica is a certified holistic nutritionist who has a love for all things fitness-related which began in 2014. Her aim is to empower clients to follow a healthy sustainable lifestyle where they can achieve their individual goals with a balanced approach which they can sustain for life. She customises nutrition programs for all clients and ensures commitment and accountability.

Mary Wansley

Mary has over 20 years’ experience working with hundreds of people who struggle with eating, food, and weight issues. She adapts a step-by-step approach with her clients tackling every issue that needs to be addressed to banish their poor eating habits. Her goal for her clients is that they can lose weight and live free from the obsession with food, body shape and size.


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Faryn Schwartz

Faryn is not just a nutritional coach but also offers fitness coaching, mindfulness coaching, prenatal and postpartum coaching and running coaching. She founded getfitwithfarym 19 years ago and has helped numerous on their nutrition and fitness journey. She does not believe in putting people on diets but focuses more on balance. She assists her clients in numerous facets such as meal preparation and grocery shopping tours to fully understand how to read labels, ingredients, and nutritional information.

Cassie Green

Cassie is a Health Coach who studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York. Her work with her clients consists of detailed recipes, meal planning and food choices. She also looks at other facets of people’s lives including stress management, life balance, self-care, and sources of joy. She offers six-month programmes where she has helped clients alter their behaviours, thought patterns, and try new things.

Maggy Doherty

Maggy is a Registered Dietitian who graduated with a Master of Science in Nutrition from the University of Illinois. She works as a clinical dietitian at Dallas Parkland Hospital and is also the founder of Doherty Nutrition LLC. She is very passionate about sports nutrition, disordered eating, and eating disorders. She considers herself an anti-diet, all foods fit and “fun” dietitian.

Araceli Vasquez

Araceli has over 20+ years’ experience in clinical, bariatric, and renal nutrition. She specialises in diabetes, family nutrition, vegetarian nutrition, and weight management. Her mission is to excel in providing clients with timely and practical nutrition consulting to help them accomplish their nutritional goals.


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Laura May Roelse

Laura is a registered dietitian and offers nutrition counselling for children, adolescents, and adults. She strives to help others be healthier in body and in mind in terms of how they view food and eating. She works on a one-to-one basis to help her understand the correct path for her clients to take. She offers age-appropriate eating support, strategies for positive change in eating/ food behaviours and much more.

Korren Wojtowwycz

Korren is a registered dietitian with a Batchelor of Science and Master of Arts in Dietetics from Ball State University. She has a background in nutrition counselling, long term care and rehabilitation, and end-stage renal disease. Her nutrition philosophy is that eating well should be simple, flexible, and individualised. She does not focus solely on the numbers and believes in eating what you love and loving what you eat.


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Kara Lydon

Kara is a nationally recognised and award-winning registered dietitian nutritionist, certified intuitive eating counsellor, yoga teacher and the owner of Kara Lydon Nutrition. Kara considers the key to authentic health and wellbeing is to celebrate food and our bodies, a positive philosophy that she practices and encourages her clients to follow. Her blog, The Foodie Dietitian is full of easy-to-follow nourishing recipes.

Kacie Barnes

Kacie is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a Master of Clinical Nutrition from UT Southwestern. She specialises in helping moms, toddlers and pre-schoolers make the right food choices ensuring all the family are getting the proper nutrients they need. She loves connecting with Moms with her goal to make their life a bit easier when it comes to feeding their kids.

Taylor Marae

Taylor is a registered dietitian with a Masters in Science and Nutrition focussing on functional nutrition and mental health. She has an interest in the connection between mental health, what you eat, lifestyle and healing the body holistically. She also runs a podcast called The Anxiety Chicks Podcast where she discusses the reality of anxiety, nutrition, and mental health.


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Kimberly Young

Kimberly is a board-certified nutrition specialist. She has a master’s in human nutrition and is an expert in integrative nutrition therapy. Her approach is based on dietary and lifestyle modifications with a focus on whole food. She uses various problem-solving tools to evaluate her client’s needs and customises a results-oriented program based on their goals.


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Elizabeth Naylor

Elizabeth is the owner of Holistic Nutrition Solutions for Life. Through her process, she looks at her client’s health story from a holistic perspective aiming to give them a new level of clarity and confidence. She also resets their energy through a 21-day nutrition reset, mineral balancing and nutritional balancing of blood chemistry.


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Grace Huey

Grace is a functional medicine health coach at Living Well Dallas and is a national board-certified health and wellness coach. She provides in-depth information and assessments of each patient’s nutritional status and digestive health. She uses the Functional Medicine model and has numerous nutritional assessments available to determine optimal nutrition for her clients.


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Martha McHenry

Martha offers Medical Nutrition Therapy which is a therapeutic approach to treating medical conditions and their symptoms using specifically tailored meal patterns. She believes that the journey to healthy living begins with a well thought out plan. Her plans are aimed to develop lasting habits as opposed to quick fixes.

Thomas Jensen

Thomas became curious about how the body responds to food, exercise, and supplementation which led him eventually to launch Jensen Fitness Management. He offers health and fitness services and programs for complete physical transformations. He is passionate about changing people’s mindsets and making them take personal responsibility for their health.