Coeliac Society of Ireland

How does being a Coeliac
affect  your iron levels?

The main adverse effect of blood donation is iron loss. Donating blood removes iron from your body which is needed to help maintain strength and energy.

Iron requirements can increase to as much as 30mg per day of daily iron for up to 6 months post donation. Iron helps with red blood cell production and haemoglobin formation, which are essential to life and well being.

The American Red Cross encourages all blood and platelet donors to learn how to maintain healthy iron levels and how blood donation impacts the level of iron in your body. Blood donors may benefit from taking an iron supplement if they are unable to replenish their iron stores through diet alone.

Upcoming Events

  • 27th January, Educational Video on Importance of iron for hormonal balance
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  • 16th March 11am, FB Live Importance of Iron for Pregnancy
  • 20th April, Educational Video on managing your Iron levels as a coeliac patient
  • 11th May 11am,  FB Live Iron in Sports
  • 15th June Educational Video on Importance of iron for energy – as women particularly we get used to being tired and don’t realise that sometimes it’s our iron levels that are compromised.