Our Story

Solvotrin Therapeutics is an Irish healthcare company focused on developing innovative science for significant unmet clinic needs. Active Iron was launched to the market in 2016 and is available throughout the US, UK, Ireland, Germany and New Zealand.


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Our Technology

Together with scientists at Trinity College Dublin we have developed a groundbreaking new method of delivering iron which improves absorption and reduces negative gastro-intestinal side-effects. The new technology uses a unique iron-whey protein complex to ensure iron is released in the small intestine (at the DMT-1, the body’s normal iron gateway), where it is most readily absorbed, instead of the stomach where it causes oxidative stress and triggers gastric side-effects. Studies confirm the new Active Iron formulation doubles the amount of iron absorbed while being so gentle on the gastric system it can be taken on an empty stomach. Active Iron is tough on tiredness because its advanced formulation improves iron absorption and it is also kind on you. As Active Iron only uses denatured whey-protein and encapsulated ferrous sulphate – this means that it is suitable for vegetarians.

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