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We’ve been closely monitoring all available information on COVID-19. Along with bigger events, such as the Tokyo Olympics, smaller sports events are also being postponed. This is devastating for many of us who have been training towards a specific goal.

Social distancing has seen everything from Parkrun to triathlons cancelled, but fortunately the internet is providing some respite for active exercisers who want to continue exercise and training during COVID-19 social distancing.

The online response has been amazing as thousands of people tune in to live streams such as P.E. with Joe Wicks and others complete marathons on their balcony!

The need to train and stay fit and healthy is becoming increasingly important as we adapt to huge changes in our daily routines. There are lots of people still managing to continue training during COVID-19.

Most people are still getting out and about for some form of exercise once a day, without coming into close contact with anyone. You can find the latest advice about staying safe from the World Health Organisation, here.

We caught up with Lorna, an Active Iron Team member and our triathlon star, who gave us a little insight on what it’s like for her in Ireland.

Lorna takes Active Iron for Women, especially to support her energy, oxygen transport and immune system. She’s still exercising and training during COVID-19 but it’s a challenge.

With the recent turmoil that has been caused by COVID-19, all club training and sporting events have come to a halt. This certainly has made training and the focus towards certain goals a bit difficult.

Where there was weekly training structure and the motivation brought by training with other club members, all this social distancing has meant new ways of training have had to be considered and pool swimming must be put off.

I loved going to my spinning sessions twice a week, torture sessions, I’d call them, but I loved how I was constantly pushed, and the adrenaline buzz I’d get after.

I have a spinning bike at home and I still do some sessions on it, but I don’t push myself as hard. I don’t own a turbo and am not great to get out on the bike on my own, so definitely my cycling will suffer.

Swimming is the one element I really miss. I loved hitting the pool 3 times a week and not only getting the physical gains but also the time to destress.

Running on my own was a new challenge for me. I love the social interaction and the road always seems shorter with company. I have had a few runs on my own and it’s not so bad. Mind over matter!

My strength and conditioning training has also taken a back foot as I don’t own weights but I do some HIIT and Yoga sessions at home which will keep the muscles strong.

I had signed up for Glendalough on 4th April which unfortunately was cancelled like many other events around this time. That is such an enjoyable event and I was using it as a training ground for other events I’ve considered for the year.

The next one I’m aiming towards is Jailbreak which is scheduled for June.

There is no knowing just yet the full extent COVID-19 will have on sporting events this year but it’s important to keep training and stay positive, and hope all things will return to normal asap.

In a few more weeks the sea will be more attractive and clocking up the distance will become possible. Some people have already hit the open water, but I don’t like the cold at all, so no getting me in there just yet!

Stay safe everyone,


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Here is  useful guide about improving mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.