Benefits Of Iron For Your Immune System

Maintaining a healthy immune system requires a balanced diet and an adequate intake of specific micronutrients. Iron is fundamental for the healthy development of the immune system.

Iron is essential to life for both men and women; as well as supporting immune function, it helps reduce tiredness and fatigue, and plays an important role in normal energy metabolism, oxygen transport, cognitive function, and formation of red blood cells.

Iron and immunity are closely linked, if you don’t have enough iron your immune system may not function normally.

Role Of Iron In The Immune System

Iron is an essential mineral for both first and secondary immune response. Iron plays an important role in the immune system and iron stores are carefully controlled by the body.

Having too little iron degrades non-specific immunity, which is your body’s first line of defence against pathogens. A healthy iron intake helps your immune system to work properly.

How Does Iron Help The Immune System

Iron metabolism is tightly regulated by the body to avoid having too much iron and too little iron. However, many of us don’t get enough iron in our diet which can leave us in poor health.

A healthy iron intake can help the function of the immune system. Changes in iron status can affect the immune system in many ways, so it’s important to ensure your getting enough iron.

A good balanced diet is essential for optimum immune function.

Iron And Your Immune System

A balanced immune system requires a balanced diet. Our nutritional status directly influences immune function.

We all need to eat healthily, which means different things for different people. Everyone is unique and the best nutritional advice is not a one-size fits all message.

When considering iron and your immune system, if you cannot get enough iron through your diet, you may consider taking a good quality iron supplement that is kind on your system and provides good absorption.

Women, who are already known to need more iron than men, need even more during pregnancy. Endurance athletes are also more susceptible to not getting enough iron. Vegetarians can struggle to get enough iron from a plant-based diet, as our bodies have trouble absorbing non-heme (plant-based) iron.

Iron Supplement And Immune System

If you’re choosing an iron supplement to help support your immune system, choose one that is kind on your system and that helps your body to get the right amount of iron it needs. It is essential to have a healthy intake of iron for your immune system.

Iron supplements are not a replacement for a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, but Active Iron may help you achieve your daily iron needs to support your immune system. Active Iron works in tune with your body, it targets the natural site of absorption and delivers the right amount of iron, all while helping to reduce gut irritation from iron.

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